CPCS Technical Test

Step 1 - CITB Construction Skills Health, Safety and Environment Test

You must have an in date Health, Safety and Environment test. This must be no more than two years before the date you want to take your test so if you booked a test for November 1st 2013 your test would need to be from no earlier than November 1st 2011.

Step 2 - CPCS Theory Test

During the test you will be asked to answer a set of questions that are about the machine you want to operate. The questions are asked by our CPCS tester on a "one to one" basis and he will make sure that you fully understand the question to give you the best chance of answering it . All theory tests are recorded and you have to get 80% of the questions right to move on to the practical test.

Step 3 - CPCS Practical Test

The CPCS practical test is a set series of exercises which have been put together to show us that you can operate the machine correctly.

The test covers:

  • Pre-start Checks
  • Travelling
  • Setting up to Work
  • Working and Environment Test
  • Shutdown

You must make sure you follow any Health and Safety legislation that relates to the machine and the use of it.

All CPCS practical tests have a time limit which depends on which test you do. All exercises must be done within this time. If you pass all three you get a red trained operator card.